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At Gardel hair Restoration Institute we offer the best hair transplant techniques; the skills and techniques we have developed yield excellent results with absolutely imperceptible lines and NO PAIN.

Harvesting hair from the donor area has been a concern to many people who wish to have a hair transplant done, because they fear it will leave visible scars in this area.

In order to address this, Gardel Hair Restoration Institute has developed the best hair-transplant alternatives. We use only the latest state-of-the-art technology to accomplish completely natural, permanent results, and best of all, without visible scars.

Our Results

Dr. Gaston de la garza is one of the pioneers in bringing hair transplant to Mexico. We specialize in giving you the most number of implants with our MEGASESSIONS program, we provide satisfaction from the first session with the best personalized attention.

We invite you to browse some of our more than 7000 hair transplant portfolio and schedule a consultation with us today!

We invite you to browse some of Gardel’s perfect hair transplant results.

For more than 20 years, we’ve had the knowledge and experience that give us more than 7,000 patients from multiple countries around the world.

We fusion art, science and state of the art technology in each and every one of our hair transplants. With the artistic and aesthetic sense of our surgeon, we achieve totally natural looking and undetectable results from the first transplantation session.

We are pioneers in the use of the high powered biaural microscrope, precursors in side process implantations and with our megasessions program, we can achieve the maximum available number of follicle implantation per session.

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About Gardel Hair

What is Gardel Hair Restoration Institute?

Gardel Hair is a medical clinic with 20 years of experience in the Hair Transplant field.

We are a very solid team motivated by a fundamental principle, offer the best care possible, establishing a trust and friendship relationship with all of our patients.. We area group of professionals which will take care of you from you first visit to your post operative procedures. At Gardel you will find a total trust, quality and security atmosphere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful? Will I get a scar? Is baldness hereditary?

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How can I contact you?

You can contact us at:

Tijuana: +52(664) 686-5156 y +52(664) 686-4866

Mexicali:  +52(686) 591-5151


Lada sin costo 01 800 025 33 54

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